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Last Train Home (Pondhawk Press, 2021) — Hop onboard and experience the sights, smells, sounds, and emotions of train travel around the globe. Edited by award-winning haiku poet, Jacqueline Pearce, Last Train Home is an international collection of close to 600 haiku, tanka, rengay, and haiku sequences by 193 poets from 22 different countries. The anthology features poems by some of the best contemporary English-language haiku poets, and includes a selection of poems in more than one language.

Winner of the Haiku Society of America Merit Award for best haiku anthology, 2022.

The collection is aimed at adults, but teachers will find many examples of poems to inspire middle grade and teen readers and writers. A few examples:
bullet train for Tokyo
too fast to finish
my box lunch
    – Emiko Miyashita, Japan
thinning crowds
the station mouse obeys
the Keep Left sign
    – David Jacobs, United Kingdom
evening star
a child echoes every call
of the train vendors
    – Ramesh Anand, India
night train
an open boxcar
filled with stars
    – Ron C. Moss, Australia

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